War Zones: Outposts and Strongholds

Nov.29.2016 BY KIXEYE_Chris

There are two different types of PvE targets in War Zones:


Outposts (circles)

  • The icon on the top indicates the class of common-level components that will drop
    • Common Class Components are needed to upgrade all units
    • Common Class Components are shared across all units of a class type (INF, LV, HV, H, A)
  • It is recommended to NOT bring the class of units indicated on the icon, but there is no actual restriction
  • The base is removed from the War Zone upon victory
  • Only one attacker is allowed at a time
  • New outposts will spawn over time
  • Every outpost type is always available to hit in War Zones


Strongholds (square)

  • The icon on the top indicates the class of critical-level components that will drop
  • Have persistent damage and can be attacked multiple times
  • Individual instances of the same target may be attacked by multiple players
  • Base is not destroyed in the War Zone upon victory – players can attack multiple times
  • The class-type of stronghold availability is limited based on the day of the week
    • Monday: Heavy Vehicles
    • Tuesday: Light Vehicles
    • Wednesday: Infantry
    • Thursday: All Classes
    • Friday: Helicopters
    • Saturday: Airplanes
    • Sunday: All Classes


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