Strategy: Managing Player Level

Dec.30.2016 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Your player level is of great importance in the game. Knowing when to level up will greatly assist you in progressing through the War Zones. Increasing your player level primarily happens when you construct or upgrade buildings.  This image shows the player at level 28:


Here are the two main areas of the game where your player level matters most, and why you may not want to go too high, too quickly.

First, player level unlocks blueprints. Most units and buildings cannot be built until your player level has reached a certain threshold. Of course, unlocking more powerful units, buildings, and upgrades will increase your overall power level.


Second, player level directly determines which War Zones you can enter. Each War Zone in the game displays a minimum and maximum level, restricting base deployment there. For example, Bordeaux displays level “10-17 Required”. This means that as soon as your player level exceeds 17, you will no longer be able to deploy your base into that War Zone.


When deciding whether or not to move on to the next War Zone, consider a few factors.

  • Make sure the turrets on your Defense Platforms are at maximum level.  Your base needs all the protection it can get
  • If your Army is having a hard time beating Outposts and Strongholds in your current zone, stay put. The next War Zone will certainly have more difficult PvE targets
  • Where is your Alliance? Your Alliance offers you safety in numbers within War Zones. If you’re ready to move up and most of your Alliance is not, you may want to delay and move with them


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