WCRA War Campaign Rules

Jan.21.2023 BY KIX_Klutch

What Is The War Campaign Game About?

War Commander: Rogue Assault is a mobile-based real-time approach to strategic territory control using modern warfare. The entire community of players competes to capture and defend strategic territory in the post-apocalyptic war zones to secure increased oil production for their alliance. Each game, or war campaign, can last anywhere from 1 – 2 months. Careful planning and strategy are needed for your alliance to win the War Campaign and be declared Warlords over the War Zones. Read on to understand the full WCRA War Campaign game rules.

Goal Of The Game

Your goal in the WCRA War Campaign game is straightforward: capture and defend your territory longer than any other enemy.

Your success in a season is measured in Occupation Points. The first alliance to reach the Occupation Point limit wins the War Campaign. This campaign is for alliances that can strategically work together. If you’re a solo player, join an alliance to participate.

Occupation Points are earned by conquering control points and defending them against enemy alliances. At the end of the war campaign, each player is awarded Gold, WCRA’s premium currency, equivalent to their alliance league ranking at the end of the war campaign.

War Campaign Victory

In order to win a war campaign in WCRA, your alliance must achieve the highest number of Occupation Points in the Premier League. Once a winner has been determined:

  • the war campaign will continue to run until midnight of the current in-game day, allowing the remaining players to capture and defend their control point and gain more Occupation Points.
  • At midnight, the war campaign is officially over and your alliance’s final Occupation Points score is recorded.
  • Alliances will be awarded their gold prize within 7 business days
  • Alliance membership counts as the alliance a player is a member of at midnight on the day the winner is determined.
  • The Occupation Points (OP) for each alliance are updated three times per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It may be the case that an alliance with OP may still appear to have none until the next OP update.
  • Important: Occupation Points are updated at midnight GMT-8.

Victory Conditions

Have the most Occupation Points in the Premier League with the War Campaign ends.

The alliance with the most Occupation Points at the end of the War Campaign is declared WCRA’s Warlords until the end of the next War Campaign season. Each War Campaign game takes approximately 2-weeks and is scheduled for the first two weeks of every month.

Occupation Points Rules

Occupation points are earned for every hour your alliance owns a CP. Alliances own a control point until it is taken away from them. Forfeiting a CP stops earning points immediately because the CP is no longer owned.

Occupation points stack for each CP owned. i.e., if an alliance owns two CPs earning 10 points per hour each. This alliance will earn 20 points per hour total while these two CPs are owned.

Occupation points are not earned during the war and sudden death phase for the occupying alliance.

The higher the buff, the higher the occupation points.

Occupation Points War Zone Locations

ZONE NAME ZA Name Points per Hour per CP Owned Oil Buff
Saratov Killing Fields 89 135%
Saratov Delta Quadrant 89 135%
Saratov Echo Quadrant 89 135%
Saratov The Enclave 89 135%
Saratov Hightowers 89 135%
Volgograd Federal Outpost 55 96%
View Full List of Occupation Location

War Campaign Prizes

All alliances gain a gold prize according to their final League Ranking at the end of the War Campaign. The full prize list can be viewed here.

The winning alliance is declared the Warlords of WCRA. They will remain the Warlords of WCRA until the end of the next War Campaign when a new Warlord is declared.

Members in the Warlord alliance get text flair in world chat messages. Their player name and text will show up in a different colour than all other players in the game so that all players can know who the current WCRA Warlords are.

Season Reset

The next War Campaign starts on or around the 1st day of the next month.

War Campaign Alliance Standings

Alliance standings will be viewable on the WCRA in-game Newsfeed section and WCRA News section in its blog.

Join and meet the community!

If you’d like to meet other players so you can ask questions about WCRA War Campaign rules, fully understand control point wars, discuss strategies for different enemies and maps, join an alliance and join the official War Commander: Rogue Assault Discord!

Outside of being able to meet like-minded people, we post announcements for new updates, post surveys about proposed updates, and staff regularly drops in to chat with our players in discord.

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