Thank you to those who have provided constructive feedback on the recent War Zone changes, we hear you! We’ve taken these into consideration and are working to make some changes that are arriving within the next day.

Expand Zone level requirements to include more levels

CURRENT: Europe has five Zones for level 90+ bases and the remainder are Zones for level 86-89 bases. The Black Sea only has Zones for levels 1-85.

CHANGE: All Zones in Europe and the Black Sea (except two) will be updated to level 26 and above. This means that you will have access to those Zones as long as you are above level 26.

Add two beginner Zones

CURRENT: There are no low-level zones.

CHANGE: Two zones will be created for levels 1-25

Reduce Sudden Death Rally phase requirements 

 CURRENT: Five members from your alliance and five members from a different alliance are required to begin the Rally Phase. 

 CHANGE: Two alliance members from your alliance will be needed and no members of an enemy alliance will be needed to begin the Rally Phase.

Decrease Contestable Zone Area (CZA) quantity

CURRENT: 40% of Zone Areas are contestable.

CHANGE: One Zone Area is contestable per Zone.

Dominion CZA Buffs simplified

CURRENT: Many types of buffs are awarded upon winning a Dominion CZA.

CHANGE: Bronze or Gold Oil buffs awarded upon winning a Dominion CZA.


Note: Stronghold and Outposts will remain unchanged.


Largely, these changes are intended to make all War Zones available to everyone except beginners. 

We’ve heard feedback expressing that with only five zones for level 90 bases, it feels like a punishment for leveling up, which was not our intention. Opening up both Europe and the Black sea not only helps increase the amount of area that can be explored but also provides opportunities for more team play and collaboration. You’ll be able to help out lower-level alliance members as well as those members participating in both Dominion and Sudden Death wars. 

In addition, wars may not have felt valuable because of how available CZAs are, so we hope to bring more meaning to wars by having a single CZA in any given zone. 

Thank you again to those who have inspired thoughtful discussion on this topic and let us know what you think about these changes on our official discord server at!