Survive wave after wave of enemy units with one platoon and no building support as your mercenary force is ambushed while protecting the Black Market Caravan. If you survive, you can loot equipment tech from destroyed enemy forces. Be careful, War Commander, these rogue assaults are no joke. 


Earn Equipment Tech in the new Ambush event three times a day, every day, for an hour each event. Ambush will begin after the 5.8 client invalidation, tentatively on September 23rd. 

Once Ambush is available, all you’ll need to do in order to participate is simply navigate to the Event Portal, select a map, deploy your units, and survive the invasion!


6am – 7am pst

2pm – 3pm pst

10pm – 11pm pst


Ambush features an exciting, brand new game mode—deploy your units into the center of the map and survive the invasion from all sides! 

No buildings are required to be destroyed in Ambush, so once you’ve destroyed all enemies, combat will end. Additionally, maps are fixed in place. Map rotation is possible, however panning is diabled, allowing you to focus on the battle at hand. 

At the end of a successful defense, a crate including Equipment Tech is credited. Try defeating the next map in the Tier above to earn even more Equipment Tech! 

Everyone can participate in Ambush, no matter what level you are or what side of the globe you’re on. From the beginning of Tier 1 all the way to Tier 10.1, maps are available for all levels of gameplay. Similar to other events, the map tiers correspond to the minimum suggested unit tier intended for each map. Available three times a day for an hour each, there will be an opportunity to participate each day.

Ambush as it appears in the Event Portal


Mission selection menu



Combat Type Event Name Reward Type Event Length Event Time 

(in PST)

Level Requirement
Ambush Ambush Equipment Tech 60 minutes, 3x a day 6am, 2pm, 10pm 5-85
Stronghold & Outpost Tax Collector Metal Production Buff 30 minutes, 3x a day 4am, 12pm, 8pm 25-85
Quickmatch PvP Challenger Bounty Oil Production Buff 30 minutes, 3x a day 2am, 10am, 6pm  1-85
World Map PvP Scavenger Bounty Thorium Production Buff 30 minutes, 3x a day 12am, 8am, 4pm 25-85

*Please note, supercharge to double rewards is available for both Ambush and Bounty events.

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