Event improvements for all levels are almost here, arriving in May’s feature event. Check out all the changes below!


New maps are back! At the beginning of each season, a new map will be available for those in the Elite Tier (level 80 and above). This will be a challenge and is intended for those who have promoted the most recent units. The challenge of this map will be updated throughout the season at each monthly event to make sure it’s still challenging and requires skilled gameplay to defeat. Make sure to talk strategies with your alliance and friends when trying to take them out. You’ll still have access to previously-made maps, so regardless of which map you take out, you’ll be able to make progress.


For those at or above level 80, the oldest, least relevant map for the newer units you’ve built will be removed as a new map is released. For the Heavy Vehicle season beginning in May, those in the elite tier can expect to see the brand new Tier 10.1 map added and the Tier 5 (level 40) map removed. For each monthly feature event during the vehicle season, the map’s challenge will be updated to reflect the latest, most powerful units. After the season ends, the map’s difficulty will be locked in place indefinitely.


Those building up to top-level Tier 10 units can expect additional clarity in which units to bring to each map. Now, map tiers correspond with the suggested unit tier to use on that map. The new map tier labels along with point values may be seen below. 

Light Vehicle Season: September – December:

Tier (new) Event Point Payouts Event Tier
T1 500 Beginner
T2 605 Beginner
T2.5 660 Beginner, Mid
T3 770 Beginner, Mid
T4 1,100 Beginner, Mid
T5 1,650 Mid, Adv, Vet
T6 4,180 Mid, Adv, Vet
T6.5 6,380 Mid, Adv, Vet, Elite
T7 9,570 Mid, Adv, Vet, Elite
T7.5 13,915 Adv, Vet, Elite
T8 21,780 Adv, Vet, Elite
T8.5 54,450 Adv, Vet, Elite
T9 108,900 Vet, Elite
T10 119,790 Elite
T10.1 (HV Season Map) 130,680 Elite
T10.2 (LV Season Map) 217,800 Elite


In summary, a new map will be introduced for the Elite Tier at the beginning of each season. This new map is intended to require the most recent upgraded units. The map will be updated through the season as new units are released, but once the season is over, the map will remain untouched. In addition, maps will be re-labeled by Tier to better indicate which Tier of units will be best suited for each mission. We hope this provides a fun challenge for those at the endgame, increased clarity, and a greater sense of stability for those leveling up.