Alliance War Final Results


The first Alliance War has come to a close and over 80 Alliances rallied to qualify for a legendary prize. Of course, the big rewards went to the Top 10 and here are the final standings:

01     Detonators                  6,881,210

02     First Assault                5,952,390

03     FastKillteam1             4,291,400

04     Esdeath                       4,068,190

05     Gladiators                   3,920,990

06     HM Forces                  3,916,830

07     Dark Angels                 3,907,010

08     The Darkside              3,789,370

09     All American                3,729,930

10     Hellhounds                  3,658,130

A big “congratulations” goes out to the Detonators that refused to give up their #1 spot to any challengers. Thank you for making this competition fun and challenging. Please feel free to give feedback on the official subreddit: