Veteran Units & Defensive Update. Release Notes, June 12th, 2024.

Jun.12.2024 BY CM_CALVIN


Prepare your defenses, Commanders! This update brings all new veteran units, buildings, and turrets, enhancing your strategic capabilities. Get ready to fortify your base and fend off enemies with these new enhancements.

Expected Release Date

Monday, June 24th, 2024 * Updated on 6/19/2024 *

* This date is subject to change and we will do our best to communicate if the release is delayed *

Veteran Units

New Veteran levels are on their way for the following units:

Jackalope: Levels 111-115
Wendigo: Levels 111-115
Nyx: Levels 111-115

Building Upgrades

Enhance your base with the following building upgrades:

  • Barracks 16
  • Helipad 13
  • Powerplant 16
  • Defense Platform 20
  • Heavy Platform 15

Level Requirement

All building upgrades will require player level 111. 

Special Note

Players currently at level 114 may reach level 115 by upgrading their Barracks, Helipad, and Powerplant to these new levels. Level 115 players will retain access to all events available at level 114!

Turret Upgrades

Strengthen your defenses with the following turret upgrades:

  • Hydra 14
  • Howitzer 18
  • Sentry 4
  • Gatekeeper 10
  • Machinegun 18
  • Heavy SAM 9

Level Requirement

All turret upgrades will require player level 111.

SARPA Building

Introducing the newly renamed and redesigned SARPA building! Formerly known as the Global Operations building, the SARPA building will continue to govern FOB upgrades and is a key part of our ongoing project to streamline player progression.


Reclaim, Reinvent, Rebuild. Where others see wreckage, the Scavenger Advanced Research Projects Agency sees solutions. Crafting advanced weaponry from the remnants of civilization, we forge the future.

Special Notes

No functionality or level changes have been made to the Global Ops  (SARPA) building for this release, but it now features an updated look and name to reflect its critical role in your strategic operations.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for playing War Commander: Rogue Assault!

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