Infantry Challenge Event

May.22.2024 BY CM_CALVIN


Commanders, prepare yourselves for an exciting new weekly event. We’re thrilled to announce the Infantry Unit Challenge Event, launching on Friday, May 24, 2024.

Put your skills to the test in these daring missions to earn the newest Infantry Units – Jackalope and Wendigo. Keep reading to learn all the details you’ll need to succeed in this event.

When to Play

This new Infantry Unit Challenge Event will run EVERY Friday! You’ll have a full 24 hours to participate, giving you ample time to engage in the challenges and earn valuable rewards.

Event Starts: Fridays at 12:01AM PDT
Event Ends: Fridays at 11:59PM PDT

*The first Infantry Challenge Event is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 24th, 2024*

Who Can Play

This event is available for players Level 110+

How to Play

This event follows the same gameplay format as other Unit Challenge events, such as the HV Challenge and LV Challenge.

You’ll face a set of three missions: you must successfully defeat the first mission to unlock the second, and defeat the second to unlock the third.

Each mission can be attacked and defeated multiple times, with successively more points awarded for each mission completed. However, each successive mission is more challenging than the last.

However, there’s a crucial twist: Since this event occurs weekly and just one day after the unit’s release for purchase, you won’t be able to claim the entire unit in a single session.

Players participating in this weekly event can expect it to take about one month to fully max out both units available in the event store.

Prepare your strategy, gather your resources, and head into battle every Friday to steadily enhance your infantry units and gain the upper hand against your foes. Good luck, Commanders!

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