Economy Update. Release Notes. March 1, 2024.

Mar.01.2024 BY CM_CALVIN


Attention Commanders,

Introducing the next phase of our massive game-wide Economy update. This economy update is part of the new model that we’re introducing!

Thorium: used for purchasing and upgrading Units, Army Buildings, Metal Factories and Metal Storages.
Metal: used for Defensive Buildings, Mines, Thorium Producers & Thorium storages.

Read about the next round of changes below!

Metal Factory Changes

Metal Storage Changes

Thorium Harvester Changes

Thorium Vault Changes

Oil Storage Changes

Building Cost Updates

Command Center Changes

Barrier Cost Changes

Barracks Cost Changes

War Factory Cost Changes

Heliport Cost Changes

Airfield Cost Changes

Garage Cost Changes

This Article was edited for accuracy on April 10th, 2024.

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