War Campaign Season 10 Final Leaderboard Results

Feb.16.2024 BY CM_CALVIN

The Season 10 Warlords of WCRA have been decided. The Warlords of WCRA are the IMMФRTALS alliance led by General D ㅌ Κ ㅇ Y.

The IMMФRTALS fought hard and have brought the ƈɛƖɛʂɬıąƖʂ Era to an end.

Every member of the IMMФRTALS alliance has truly earned their golden names within the in-game general chat. This is so all commanders know exactly who their Warlords are, and what era they are in. The IMMФRTALS Era ends when it is taken from them. When an alliance of commanders bands together in strategy and skill and forcibly takes it from General D ㅌ Κ ㅇ Y and their alliance of battle-hardened commanders, the IMMФRTALS Era will come to an end, allowing a new era to begin. Until that time, all commanders will know the Warlords of WCRA and their communication will remain golden, like the glory they showed on the battlefield, conquering and uniting the war zones under their sole power.

Don’t like it? Take it from them.

The IMMФRTALS now face the daring task of defending their Warlord title in Season 11. Remember, commanders, only the most powerful can rule in Earth’s war zones. Those who oppose the IMMФRTALS will have a chance to challenge them and try to take away their Warlord status in War Campaign Season 11.

There’s still time to arm yourselves and organize into the best war commanders Earth has ever seen and conquer the war zones in this WWIII post-apocalyptic wasteland.

War Campaign Season 10 – Final Results ⊳

Data Date: 13:00 February 2, 2024, to 23:59 February 15, 2024

1. In the Coming Days

  • Rewards Granted: By Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, by end of day.
  • Season 11 Start Date: Friday, March 1st, 2024 at 13:00 PST

2. Promotion and Demotion

Season 10 has ended, which means Promotions and Demotions will come into effect prior to the start of Season 11.

You will now notice titles have been changed to “Promoted to…” and Demoted to…”

Teams who are in the Gold (Promoted to) section will be promoted one Division up for Season 7. Teams who are in the Red (Demoted to) section will be demoted one Division down for season 8. Teams who fall between these two sections will remain within their current Division for Season 8.

Reminder: Teams who finished with 0 points will be demoted two leagues down. This means that “Runner-ups” may be eligible for promotion in these situations.

3. Changes to Season 11

Follow the #war_campaign_announcements channel on Discord for any updates on Season 11.

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