Light Vehicle & Fixed Wing. Release Notes, Jan 26, 2024

Jan.26.2024 BY CM_CALVIN

Unlock Antodon and Skorpius with Oil

Use oil to unlock Antodon and Skorpius Blueprints and Mks instead of gold. 

Hot Tip: The HV Platoon Challenge event that gives Antodon and Skorpius BPs and MKs at a lower cost won’t be available past level 113, so hit the event while you can!

Garage 10

Garage 10 requires player level 113 and will unlock the new light vehicles, Derringer and Cloverleaf.

Upgrading to Garage 10 will give significant experience to increase top players to player level 114.

Hot Tip: Wait 1 week for the Light Vehicle Platoon Challenge Event to claim massive savings on oil when unlocking these blueprints and mks. Learn more below.

New Platoon Challenge Event: Light Vehicles

Available for player levels 114 – 115, complete this challenging skill-based event for a chance to unlock all blueprints and equipment mks for the new Derringer and Cloverleaf Light Vehicles at a fraction of the cost! 

Remember that you’ll need to hit level 114 at least 24 hours before it starts to participate. 

Hot Tip: Build the Garage 10 to get significant xp to level to 114 before the event starts.

Unlock the Derringer and Cloverleaf (New)

For the first time ever, unlock these brand-new Light Vehicle units using only Oil!

Beware though, researching vehicle, weapon, and equipment prototypes isn’t cheap! It takes a lot of energy to power the Garage and engineer prototypes to this final form.

Skilled Commanders looking for a cheaper alternative can steal this vehicle Blueprints & MKs research during the Platoon Challenge: Light Vehicle Event!



This nimble and stealthy Light Vehicle is a precision powerhouse armed with a powerful ballistic cannon, wreaking havoc on both air and ground foes. Capable of targeting Heavy Vehicles, Aircraft, and Helicopters, the Derringer excels in devastating burst damage. Utilize its ‘Alpha Strike Stealth’ for 3-4 seconds of strategic surprise upon deployment. The Derringer is resilient against Spartan Hemlock and Hedera’s LV movement stun. 

Quick Stats

Damage Type: Ballistic 
Projectile Type: Shell
Archetype: Unit Damage > Building Damage
Special Abilities: Stealth for 3-4.5 seconds on deployment, Resilient against current movement stuns.


Garage Level 10



This Light Vehicle packs a punch with its massive 4-barreled rocket launcher, unleashing devastating rockets on enemy buildings and grounded units. Perfect for precision hit-and-run attacks, the Cloverleaf excels against Heavy Vehicles, buildings, and turrets thanks to its powerful burst damage potential and area-of-effect heavy rockets. The Cloverleaf, alongside the Derringer, takes the lead in agile and hard-hitting Light Vehicles. With ‘Alpha Strike Stealth’ for a 3-4 second surprise advantage upon deployment, strategic dominance is in your hands. 

Quick Stats

Damage Type: Ballistic
Projectile Type:
Burst Building damage
Special Abilities: 
Stealth for 3-4.5 seconds on deployment, Resilient against current movement stuns.


Garage Level 10

Vespula (Fixed Wing)


With a powerful autocannon and a robust set of countermeasures, The Vespula is your go-to for disrupting enemy attacks and providing a solid aerial defense. The Vespula excels at unit destruction, countermeasures, and having a very quick defensive deployment time, making it perfect for defensive loiter shields. When on the offensive, it shines in supporting players by fielding countermeasures against rockets, missiles, and mortars.

Quick Stats

Damage Type: Ballistic 
Projectile Type:
Defensive Fixed-wing loiter
Defensive Abilities: 
Resistant to EMP effect from Antodon and Skorpius secondary weapons.


Airfield 16


For the first time ever, you’ll be able to unlock this new Fixed-wing unit with Oil only.
(There is no Platoon Challenge Event: Fixed Wing for the Vespula at this time)

New Power Tier: Level 114

Many players will reach Player Level 114 with the Garage 10 upgrade. This gives access to the new Platoon Challenge Event: Light Vehicle that gives players a chance to unlock all Derringer and Cloverleaf blueprints at a fraction of the oil cost if they are skilled enough. 

Player Level 114 is a new power tier. This means that player level 114s attacking player level 113 and below will incur a steal rate penalty.

To read more about this, including a list of power level ranges, head to this new our Wiki page:

Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ

  1. Is there an event for the Vespula?
  • There is no event for the Vespula. Players can unlock the Vespula with oil alone. 
  1. How do I unlock the Vespula without an event?
  • The Vespula Fixed Wing Blueprint and Mks can be unlocked with Oil. 
  1. Why isn’t there an event for the Vespula?
  • With the new system that lets players unlock units and equipment with oil, not every new unit will be given a new Platoon Challenge Event at the time of release that offers a skill challenge in exchange for blueprints and mks.
  1. How do I get to level 114?
  • Upgrading to Garage 10 should get you to Player Level 114. 
  1. When is the Platoon Challenge Event for the Derringer and Cloverleaf scheduled?
  • Approximately one week after the content is released so that players have enough time to upgrade the Garage 10 and reach Player Level 114 before the start of the event. 
  1. How much do these units and Garage 10 cost?
  • We will not release costs ahead of the release date. Players can view and share this information once the content has been released. 
  1. How do I get more Oil?
  • We suggest collecting all Free Crates in the Black Market shop, claiming all Alliance Store Oil producer buffs every week, working with your team to capture better Control Points to gain better Oil production buffs, and completing the weekly Challenger Bounty to claim even more oil production buffs.


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