January Seasonal Alliance Event. Release Notes, Jan 23, 2024

Jan.23.2024 BY KIX_Klutch

Event Starts: Wednesday, January 24th 2024, at 14:00 PST
Event Ends: Tuesday, January 30th 2024, at 23:59 PST

Alliance Store Opens: Wednesday, January 24th 2024, at 14:00 PST
Alliance Store Closes: Tuesday, February 6th 2024, at 11:59pm PST

Work as a team to unlock huge resource payouts and limited edition player avatars!

How it works

  1. Complete mission 1 unlock the first tier of the Alliance Store.
  2. Earn Alliance Credits from the event missions which you’ll need to spend in the first tier of the Alliance Event Store to unlock higher Rewards Tiers.
  3. Choose 1 reward from each reward tier that you unlock!

Important Reminders

  • The current alliance store will end and a new one starts when the event starts. You can take a look at the Seasonal Alliance Store below!
  • Do not switch alliances during the event. Doing so will lead you to lose out on the event store.
  • You must join an alliance before the event starts to get the event store. If you join an alliance after, you will not get access to the store. This works and behaves just like any regular alliance store.

Work together to earn more!

Alliance Credits Event Adjustments

To ensure that alliance credits for the event are fairly earned through the event itself, sources of alliance credits elsewhere will be removed for the duration of the event. For the duration of the event,

  1. Two alliance credit packs from the alliance store that traditionally cost prestige are removed from the store.
  2. Alliance credits earned through quick match victories have been removed.
  3. Hitman Bounty Event on Sundays and Mondays to earn alliance credits have not been scheduled.

Alliance Store

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