Unit Challenge Event – Heavy Vehicle. Release Notes, Nov 7, 2023

Nov.07.2023 BY KIX_Klutch

Tactical Recon Report, Commander

edit: this is now live!

The Brief announcing our mission to obtain this new tech means we need a strategy. I am here to tell you what I know.

Unit Challenge Event – Heavy Vehicle

Rogue Assault Unit Challenge - Heavy Vehicle

1. Challenge Goal

Successfully defeat a mission three times to get massive rewards. But, beware, you only have 13 raid attempts and the last two missions are very challenging.

2. Event Schedule

  • Live:
    • Days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    • Dates: November 9 – 11, 2023
    • Note, this eventĀ does not run on Sunday.
  • Prize Claim Period: Sunday, November 12, 2023.
  • Regular Schedule: Once per month (subject to change)

3. Platoon Requirements

  1. Platoon Requirement: Helicopter
  2. Unit Tier Requirement: None

4. Mission Stats

Rogue Assault Unit Challenge Event Missions - Heavy Vehicle

Mission Order # 1 2 3
Points Granted 2 226 22,634
Difficulty Easy Hard Very Hard
Minimum Tier Units Suggested T12 T13 T13
Minimum Blitz (Gold) 8267 490 32741

5. Rewards

5.a) War Point Costs



Each MK

Antodon 6 28
Skorpius 2,716 2,716

5.b) Cumulative War Point Cost

Players with 68,578 War Points can purchase the entire store!

Cost Summary


War Point Cost

Cumulative War Point Cost

Antodon BP 6 6
Antodon MKs 672 678
Skorpius BP 2,716 3,394
Skorpius MKs 65,184 68,578


6. RUBI Advice

RUBI Strategy Advice
  1. If you can successfully defeat the last challenge map three times, you’ll have enough points for the entire reward store.
  2. If you cannot defeat the last map three times, you will not have enough points for all of the rewards and you will be unable to claim all of the Skorpius Blueprint and MKs
  3. You have about 3 fail attempts per challenge map #2 and #3 before you’ll start running out of Raid Attempts. I suggest you scout carefully, Commander. We cannot raid this camp for another month if we fail.
  4. You must be level 111 on Tuesday at midnight, November 7, 2023 PDT to be eligible for this mission.
  5. To have the highest chance of success, have the Derecho and Sandstorm fully upgraded with the right equipment.
  6. The Sandstorm is more useful than you may think, Sir.
  7. You should at least be able to get the Antodon Blueprint and start upgrading the Antodon. This can be done by looting the war zones for thorium and by keeping your oil pumps running (regularly collecting oil from you pumps so you are always working towards your next upgrade), in time for our next window of opportunity to run this challenging mission. Our next window of opportunity is in one month, Commanders.
  8. If you can manage to complete the second challenge mission, you will be able to blitz the remainder of points needed.
  9. This mission does not run on Sunday, Commander.
  10. If you miss this event or cannot complete it, it will not be available until next month. I urge you to make your preparations with haste, Commander.
  11. This one is important, Commanders! As always, in order to obtain MK2 and MK3, you’ll need to first upgrade your unit to the required level with MK1 applied. This means that your unit itself must reach the necessary level for applying MK1.


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