Code of Conduct (Fair Play Policy)

Sep.14.2023 BY CM_CALVIN


At KIXEYE, we believe in creating a level playing field where every War Commander can succeed based on their skill and strategy. Our commitment is to provide an environment that is free from cheats, hacks, and any actions that compromise the integrity of the game. This Fair Play Policy outlines our stance against activities that harm the experience of our players.

Behavior Expectations

1. No Cheating, Exploiting or Modding:

  • Using third-party software, mods, or scripts that alter the game mechanics or provide an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. An example of this is auto-tapping software.

2. No Account Sharing or Selling:

  • Players should never share, buy, or sell their War Commander: Rogue Assault accounts. This can expose you to phishing, identity theft, and financial fraud.

3. No Alternate Account Interactions:

  • Using or sharing multiple accounts in order to gain competitive advantages is against our ToS. This includes but is not limited to, feeding resources, fake CP wars to protect your main alliance’s CP from attacks in the War Campaign, or using alt accounts to gain an unfair competitive edge.

4. Respectful Behavior:

  • We expect all War Commanders to treat one another with respect as they wish to be treated. Harassment, bullying, or any form of disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Here are a few examples that we consider inappropriate: Hate speech, racism and other discriminatory language, obscene or sexually explicit banter, threats or harassment, and excessive swearing. This includes and is not limited to, your game chat, account name, and alliance name and description.
  • Don’t let antagonistic players bring you down to their level. If a player is harassing you, it’s better to mute and report them than to retaliate.
  • Don’t expect others to “toughen up” to tolerate your choice of language. Nothing in War Commander Rogue Assault requires you to be offensive to play effectively.
  • Own up to poor word choice and move forward. Everyone makes mistakes.
  • Rogue Assault is a global community. Be aware of and respect individual differences and experiences.

5. Compete to Win:

  • Leverage your alliance’s strengths and work to improve their weaknesses.
  • Stay focused on helping your alliance win, even if you’re having a difficult war. Even shifted players can communicate and manage objectives.
  • Don’t start a Control Point war if you’re not serious about trying to win.
  • Don’t try to convince teammates to give up if they’re still playing to win the war or improve the alliance’s ranking in the War Campaign.


  1. KIXEYE Staff impersonation
  2. Phishing other players’ accounts
  3. Refund abuse
  4. Knowingly exploiting a bug
  5. Messing with Matchmaking
  6. Match-fixing
  7. Encouraging others to break the rules
  8. Asking for or providing personal contact information
  9. Misuse of in-game chat for Advertising, Spamming & Scamming
  10. Political statements of affiliation, support, or opposition

The rules of our Fair Play policy (Code of Conduct) apply across all of War Commander Rogue Assault’s progression and any size alliance. “I didn’t know…” is not a valid excuse. We’re all here to have fun and enjoy the game!

How We Enforce Fair Play

Whenever we can, we aim to prevent cheating and disruptive behavior altogether with automated systems and the use of 3rd party software. Where we cannot implement preventative methods, we use a mix of automated and manual review systems. To achieve a fair playing field for all Commanders, we aim to enforce all rules equally to everyone. While much of our system is automated, we also employ trained moderators, tournament participants (War Campaign participants), and community-sourced reports. If you feel like you have received an unjustified penalty, please contact support and we will review your case.

Violations of the Fair Play Policy may lead to penalties, in-game muting, temporary game suspensions, permanent bans, or any other appropriate actions.

Click here to report a suspected Code of Conduct (Fair Play Policy) violation

Familiarize Yourself with Other AAA Game Fair Play Policies

  • Clash of Clans (Supercell): Supercell’s Fair Play Policy is a robust framework ensuring all players have a fair and equal gaming experience. It strictly prohibits the use of third-party software and emphasizes that any form of cheating will not be tolerated. Read More
  • Call of Duty (Activision): Activision enforces a stringent policy against cheating, hacking, and any behaviour that gives players an unfair advantage. They combine in-game and external monitoring to keep the playing field level. Read More
  • League of Legends (Riot Games): Riot Games has established a comprehensive policy that prevents cheating and promotes sportsmanship. Players are encouraged to compete with integrity and respect. Read More

We are inspired by the dedication of these and many other developers in ensuring fair play in the gaming community. Our Fair Play Policy reflects the collective commitment to maintain the integrity and enjoyment of the game for everyone.

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