War Commander Rogue Assault – Control Point War Rules

Jan.18.2023 BY KIX_Klutch

Looking for Control Point war rules? Look no further because we’ve got it all below! Use the rules below to strategically time your attacks and conquer your enemy. Command your armies and fulfil your duty to your team to claim and defend your alliance’s home control point. If you have a question for the devs or the community, we’re waiting for you in discord!


Control Point Eligibility Requirements

Minimum Alliance Size 10 Members
Minimum Alliance Age 3 Days 
Minimum Alliance Member Age 4 Hours

Control Point – Phase Times

Threatened Duration 20 minutes
Contested Duration 3 hours
Sudden Death Duration 1 hour
Secured Duration 0 Hours
Pending State (After Successful Tactical Takedown only) 0 Hours
Failed Alliance Attack – Eligible to attack same CP after 3 Days
Failed Alliance Defence – Eligible to attack same CP after 3 days

Control Point Other

Maximum Control Point Ownership Limit 2 control points
Re-Entry Timer Escalation (Seconds) 0,360,600,600,600,600,600,600,600,600
Control Point Forfeit Option Enabled
Tactical Takedown Cooldown
48 Hours

Checked for accuracy June 3rd, 2024.

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