What is Damage over time?

Aug.25.2022 BY WC:RA


Fire damage over time (DOT) was first seen with the release of the Hurricane. When applied to an enemy target, regular damage may be dealt from the initial hit (when applicable), followed by additional DOT damage per second for a period of time (both DOT Damage Per Second and Duration are indicated in a Unit’s stat block). All hostile units will appear ‘on fire’ for the duration of the DOT timer, while if DOT affects any of your own platoon, you will see a countdown timer appear on their unit card. 

When the DOT timer runs out on the affected targets, the unit/building will not take any further DOT damage until it is hit again. If a target suffering from DOT Damage is hit with the same weapon, the DOT timer will reset, but the DOT Damage per Second will not stack. When future DOT units are released, different DOT weapons will cause stacking damage. 

Fire DOT damages all ground units and buildings equally, but cannot affect helicopters or fixed wing targets.


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