Crimson Crown Updates

Jul.22.2022 BY KIX_CALIBER


Beginning today at 6:30pm PST (Friday, July 22nd), scout costs will be decreased for Crimson Crown

Based on community feedback, gameplay data, and roadmap priorities, the Heavy Vehicle Story Mode (Season 2 of Crimson Crown) will feature key updates:

  • [Live] Oil Production Rates for levels 13, 14, and 15 Oil Pumps increased.
  • Blueprints and Equipment will be distributed throughout the event, not only the end of the event.
  • 151 missions will need to be completed as opposed to Season 1, where 140 were required for completion.
  • Two separate event tracks will be run during the season. Each will contain one Light Vehicle, its equipment, MK upgrades, and all upgrade materials except Metal and Thorium. Each one has 151 missions.
  • Oil scout costs lowered to leave room for war zone, event, and quickmatch activity each day.

As we make a monumental shift from the old event model where many attacks are needed against the same map with the highest payout, we’ll continue to make updates and improvements. 

We’re relentless in making an enjoyable gameplay experience for all and appreciate your patience during this process. Thank you to those who have provided constructive feedback on Season 1 so far! 

On Sunday, don’t forget to look forwards to the Alliance Credits Event, a 24-hour 80% Building Sale (Levels 1-89), and 24-hour 50% Turret Sale (Levels 1-89)! Rally your Alliance and earn 300 points in a Sudden Death war to win massive Alliance Credits for all members.

Look forward to more information on Season Two of the Crimson Crown event as we get closer to its release.


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