Jun.06.2022 BY KIX_CALIBER


Complete the Story Mode early to earn some Chromium for your entire alliance! Eight weeks are available to complete Story Mode, which begins Tuesday, June 7th. While eight weeks are available, it may be completed in as few as four weeks. If ten members of your alliance complete it in five weeks or less, your entire alliance will be granted Chromium valued at $20! 

Chromium is required for the seasonal defensive update arriving in the 6.6 update, so you’ll want to get this as soon as possible!


  1. Ten members of your alliance must complete the unit story mode track by 11:50pm PST on Monday, July 11th.
  2. All ten participating members must stay in the alliance for the entire duration.


Simply navigate to THIS PAGE and submit your entry by answering three questions:

  • Current date
  • Your player ID
  • The name of your alliance

Missed the event information? Find it by tapping HERE.


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