6.6 Update: Top 10 Need-to-know information

Jun.03.2022 BY KIX_CALIBER


The 6.6 update is arriving soon and there’s a lot to be excited about! Here’s a list of the top ten need-to-know information before it arrives!

1. Timeline

  • Monday, June 6th: Command Center 13, Seasonal Defenses, Crusader, Savaran, & Elite Kuvasz are active and may be purchased through either limited-time offers, item bundles, or through the Army menu directly.
  • Tuesday, June 7th: Helicopter Story Mode active.
  • Tuesday, July 5th: Building Story Mode active.
  • Tuesday, August 2nd: Helicopter Story Mode ends, Heavy Vehicle story mode begins.
  • Tuesday, August 30th: Building Story Mode ends, new Building Story Mode begins.

2. Event Changes

  • Level 1 to 89: Monthly Feature Events are retired
  • Level 90 and above: Monthly Feature Events retired. Spec Ops is removed.

3. Where can level 90+ earn resources?

40% of the total resources needed for all buildings in the 6.6 update will be earned through the building Story mode. Additionally, as usual, events, alliance competitions, quickmatch, and the world map. As an additional source of resources, packs will be added to the Alliance Store through this update with the biggest pack yielding 200 million metal and 140 million thorium. 

4. How are unit promotions changing?

Requirements are only changing for newly released units, beginning with the Crusader and Savaran. Metal, Thorium, Critical Components, and Common Components are still required, however, Weapon Tech and Equipment Tech are being replaced. 

Crusader Tech will be required to upgrade the Crusader’s Weapons & Equipment. Similarly, Savaran Tech will be required to upgrade the Savaran’s Weapons & Equipment. 

All tech, Crits, and Commons needed to fully promote both units and upgrade all Weapons & Equipment will be provided through Story Mode.

To build the Crusader and Savaran, the War Factory must be upgraded to level 15, which requires Chromium.

5. How are building upgrades changing?

No changes to upgrade costs will be made for currently existing buildings (buildings released before this 6.6 update). New upgrades in 6.6 may require Chromium, which is available through the building story mode that begins after the 6.7 update.

6. What if I can’t complete the Story Mode?

Make sure to start playing Story Mode immediately because if you miss it, the content won’t be available until a future update. We hope to include the Story Mode missions into the campaign mode at a later date as well. There will also be opportunity for sale events after the season as well for these units.

7. How can I use the materials I’ve stockpiled?

These may still be used on older units, which are required to complete story mode. Additionally, Common Components will still be needed for new units.

8. How are Sudden Death rewards changing?

The current promotional rewards will end when the 6.6 update is released. Prizes will be available primarily through the Alliance Store moving forwards.

9. Where can I find the new building requirements?

The defensive update may be found HERE.

10. Where can I find more information?

Check out the Crimson Crown Update notes HERE.
Don’t miss recent updates to the War Zone HERE.

Additionally, ask a question over at our official discord server at https://wcra.io/discord!


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