Sudden Death Contest

Apr.26.2022 BY WC:RA


From now until the end of May, join your Alliance for Sudden Death to earn Gold valued at $10 for the entire alliance!

Simply earn 20 points or more in any Sudden Death war then use the “War Tally” button to take a screenshot of your score.

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, upload it HERE and enter the required information. Only one person from your alliance needs to submit a result.

Once the contest period has ended, those in the Alliance will receive the $10 gold prize.


  • A screenshot of the total points your alliance earned must be submitted. To take a screenshot on your device, use the instructions found at
    • Tap on the Battle Zone your Alliance participated in then tap the War Tally button. Make sure your Alliance name is in clear view then take the screenshot.
  • Battle alliances in good faith: do not game the system, including (but not limited to) setting up wars with alternate accounts, alternate alliances, friendly alliances, and allies. Your entire alliance will be disqualified if we validate a report of this nature. 

Good luck, Commander. Crush your enemies. Show no mercy.


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