Dominion Changes Arriving December 23rd

Dec.21.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


In Dominion, the amount of Battle Zones owned by an Alliance should be reflective of the collective skills of individual alliance members who participate. Using data analytics and feedback from the community, we have uncovered this is currently not always the case. 

Three changes will be made this week with the intention of restoring this balance, which will also facilitate the foundation for bigger and more fierce engagements between alliances for Battle Zones. 

These changes are tentatively planned for release on Thursday, December 23rd at 11am pst.

Additionally, Grim Winter and a 2x Tech Tree Sale will begin an hour beforehand, at 10am pst. Both will run for the remainder of the year!



When a base is shifted out of a Contested Battle Zone, a cooldown timer shows how much time is required to move the HQ again. Currently, regardless of where the base is moved to, the timer is the same for each location. 

After this update, each Battle Zone will be considered individually for the cooldown timer. Additionally, if a base is shifted from a Battle Zone, the timer increases each time.

# Times Shifted Cooldown Time

(Hours, Minutes, Seconds)

1 00:01:00
2 00:02:00
3 00:03:00
4 00:05:00
5 00:08:00
6 00:13:00
7 00:21:00
8 00:34:00
9 00:55:00
10 01:29:00



The number of Battle Zones will be reduced, mainly for Battle Zones from levels 1 to 79. After the change, 63 to 65 Battle Zones will be available for each level range from levels 1 to 79. A slight reduction will be made for level 80 to 85 Battle Zones.

Level Range Zones Before Zones After
80-85 176 131
73-79 176 64
65-72 176 63
55-64 176 65
45-54 176 65
35-44 176 64
1-34 176 64



The amount of buffs available through Dominion and the amount they can stack has led to a skewed balance of power, leading to battles being won which should not be possible (for example, a level 70 base that can take out a well-designed level 85 base). 

To address this point, three changes will be made, which are listed below.

Removed Buffs

World Map Building Health

World Map Platform Health

World Map Barrier Health

World Map Platoon vs Platform Health

World Map Platoon vs Building Damage

World Map Platoon vs Barrier Damage

World Map Heavy Vehicle vs Platform Damage

World Map Infantry vs Platform Damage

World Map Light Vehicle vs Platform Damage

FOB Barrier Health

FOB Platform Health

FOB Building Health

Quickmatch Turret Damage

Quickmatch Platoon Health

Buffs Increased in Quantity (Level 80+ Zones Only)

Oil Cost to start attack

Oil Production

Quickmatch Metal Steal Rate

World Map Metal Steal Rate

Daily Raid Payouts

Metal Steal Buff Reductions

This change affects two buffs: World Map Metal Steal Rate and Quickmatch Metal Steal Rate

Type Old Value New Value
Gold Buff 4% 1%
Silver Buff 2% .5%
Bronze Buff 1% .25% 

(appears as .3% in-game due to rounding)


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