Dec.02.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER

Challenge your team to become the best in the War Zone using upcoming Dominion Alliance Rankings, which is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, December 23rd.

At a glance, see how many Battle Zones your Alliance owns and how many more are needed to move up in rank. Rankings provide the source of truth for the War Zone, giving a one-stop stop for your team. Rankings are shown per-tier, based on the number of members in your Alliance:

TIER 1:  1-10 Members

TIER 2: 11-20 Members

TIER 3: 21-30 Members

TIER 4: 31-40 Members

TIER 5: 41-50 Members

Stand tall with your teammates: getting to the top requires coordination between the alliance, and each member’s individual skill is contributed towards the greater alliance goal. 

Find the following corresponding information from the screenshot above:

  1. Your Alliance’s current rankings tier.
  2. Each Alliance’s rank.
  3. Each Alliance’s icon.
  4. Each Alliance’s name.
  5. Each Alliance’s current member count.
  6. The number of Battle Zones each Alliance currently owns.


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