Nov.20.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


Dominion arrives on Monday and we hope you’re excited as we are! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re running multiple sales this weekend:

  • Grim Winter (50% off prizes)
  • 2x Tech Tree Sale (50% off progress)
  • Building Sale (details below)

New to Dominion? Learn more here: Dominion Overview


Building Sale

Start: Saturday, November 20th @ 10 AM PST

End: Monday, November 22nd @ 10 AM PST


75% Discount (Metal and Thorium)

Airfield levels 1-10

Barracks Levels 1-9

Garage levels 1-4

Global Operations levels 2-9

Heliport levels 1-6

War Factory levels 1-11


50% Discount (Metal and Thorium)

Airfield level 11

Barracks Level 10

Garage level 5

Global Operations Level 10

Heliport level 7

War Factory level 12


40% Discount (Metal and Thorium)

Airfield level 12

Barracks level 11

Garage level 6

Global Operations level 11

Heliport Level 8

War Factory level 13


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