5.11 Release Notes

Nov.17.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER

The 5.11 release has started rolling out to Android users and will be set as a requirement to play new content released with the target date of Monday, November 22nd, subject to change pending successful developer release to ensure a high-quality player experience.

Please be aware after downloading the update, the first load will take longer than normal.


A brand new co-op game mode, DOMINION, begins on Monday, November 22nd at 11am PST, following a 2-hour downtime. Contribute your individual skill and strength towards your alliance’s greater strategy for control of key territories. Learn more by reading the Dominion Overview.


The latest in fixed-wing aircraft research and development has arrived – introducing the YF-45 GRIFFIN, which carves out a path of destruction through the enemy base with two taps: first, tap to indicate the beginning of the bombing run, then tap a second time to indicate the end of the bombing run:


1. To begin a bombing run, first select a location on the enemy base for the bombing run to begin. 

2. Next, indicate where you’d like the bombing run to end.

3. SUCCESS! Now watch as the YF-45 Griffin begins its bombing run.


All new features will be available through the 5.11.1 Data Deployment (server-only), which will occur on Monday, November 22nd pending a *successful developer release.

  • [DOMINION] Brand new co-op game mode! Join your alliance and battle for control of key territories on the world map in the new Dominion gameplay mode. Earn exclusive access to your territory upon  securing it in addition to powerful alliance-wide buffs.
  • [YF-45 GRIFFIN] Take out key defensive structures in combat by using two taps to indicate the start and end of the Griffin’s bombing run. Earn yours in the IMMINENT ASSAULT feature event, beginning Thursday, December 2nd.
  • [LV FOB 12] Gain the power of three Noctua by upgrading to the Light Vehicle FOB 12, then upgrade its equipment and customize its loadout to optimize your strategy. 
  • [SAM 12] Use the firepower of the SAM 12 turret to help protect your base against the latest Fixed Wing aircraft. Requires Defense Platform 16 and base level 83.
  • [BARRIER 16] Defend against the latest Light Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles using the Barrier 16, which provides over two times the health as the level 15 Barrier. Requires CC12 & base level 83.
  • Helicopters currently cannot travel over the Barrier 16. This is a bug that will be fixed in the next update (5.12 in December).

*We do everything we can to maintain a high quality experience. Despite our best efforts, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may need to shift release dates to meet these goals.


All updates below will be enabled during the 9am PST downtime on Monday, November 22nd.



  • Health increased. 
  • Now uses a single oil cost for repairs across all levels.


  • Damage vs Helicopters increased. 
  • Projectile Speed increased. 
  • Now uses a single oil cost for repairs across all levels.

[T-14 ARMATA] 

  • Secondary Weapon range increased.

[RMG 7.62 MG] Equipment used by the Merkava, GMLRS, Mantis, Stryker IFV, & Ontos 

  • Range increased.


  • Projectile Speed increased.
  • Fortify setup time decreased.
  • Fortify teardown time decreased.
  • Now uses a single oil cost for repairs across all levels.


All updates below will be enabled during the 9am PST downtime on Monday, November 22nd.

  • [GRIM WINTER & FEAST] Cleaver, Odachi and Sabre added to the prize store.
  • [SMASH AND GRAB] Aquila added to the prize store.


  • Fixed an issue where google subscription renewals may not appear active.
  • Fixed a graphical issue where Salvo 13’s level may appear as floating above the turret.



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