5.10 Release Notes

Oct.20.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER

The 5.10 release has started rolling out to Android users and will be set as a requirement to play new content released with the target date of Thursday, October 28th, subject to change pending successful developer release to ensure a high-quality player experience.

The development team is hard at work creating Dominion, an alliance-based gameplay mode which rewards your alliance for capturing zones on the map. A date for release has not yet been set, but stay alert for future details by checking community newsfeed posts and joining our official Discord server

Included in the 5.10 release, the Noctua completes the Tier 10 Light Vehicle season, introduced alongside six new pieces of equipment. Get the latest in base defenses to outmatch enemies by upgrading to the Defense Platform 16 and Salvo 13. Updated Oshka equipment brings a new piece of equipment into its set, the Armored Noctua Compartment, providing the Oshka the ability to drop a Noctua upon its destruction.

Please be aware after downloading the update, the first load will take longer than normal.


All new features will be available through the 5.10.1 Data Deployment (server-only), which will occur on Thursday, October 28th pending a *successful developer release.

  • [NOCTUA] Complete your set of Tier 10 Light Vehicles and equipment by earning the Noctua in the DISTANT SHORES event, beginning Thursday, November 4th at 10AM PST.
  • [OSHKA EQUIPMENT] Watch your Oshka go the final stretch in combat as it deploys a Noctua upon destruction, providing even more offensive and defensive options to remain victorious.


  • [DEFENSE PLATFORM 16] Improve your base defenses and survive attacks for longer using a crucial health boost upon upgrading to the Defense Platform 16.
  • [SALVO 13] When you need the odds in your favor, use the Salvo 13’s improved DPS to take out the latest Light Vehicles, uncloaked Ridgebacks, and more!

*We do everything we can to maintain a high quality experience. Despite our best efforts, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may need to shift release dates to meet these goals.


All updates below will begin after the feature event on Thursday, November 4th.

  • Hijack & Boss Battles removed from event cycle.
  • In place of Hijack & Boss Battle, Smash & Grab will be added.
  • Kuvasz & Ridgeback added to Grim Winter & Feast.
  • T9 map added to Grim Winter & Feast.


  • Fixed various minor localization issues.


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