5.9 Release Notes

Sep.15.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER

The 5.9 release has started rolling out to Android users and will be set as a requirement to play new content released with the target date of Thursday, September 23rd, subject to change pending successful developer release to ensure a high-quality player experience.

Get ready for an exciting release! Arriving in this September release are the Ambush event mode, Corvus Light Vehicle, Quickmatch Algorithm Update, new Light Vehicle equipment, and more. Read below for the full details.

Please be aware after downloading the update, the first load will take longer than normal.


All new features will be available through the 5.9.1 Data Deployment (server-only), which will occur on Thursday, September 23rd pending a *successful developer release.

  • [CORVUS] Achieve victory through specialization using the Corvus in a strategic role of your choosing – debuting with five new pieces of equipment, there are more combinations of equipment than ever before with Tier 10 Light Vehicles! 
  • [QUICKMATCH] Based on feedback from the community in addition to data analytics, the quickmatch matchmaking algorithm will now prioritize matchups that are within 5 levels of your own. 
  • [DEFENSES] Railgun 12, Transformer 12, and Bravo & Charlie Platoon 16:
    • [RAILGUN 12] Give your base a defensive boost when up against Tier 10 Light Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles using increased DPS provided by upgrading the Railgun to level 12. 
    • [TRANSFORMER 12] When an attacker launches a surprise attack, answer with a boosted turret: the Transformer 12 provides a 95% speed boost for a single turret, a 5% increase from level 11.
    • [BRAVO & CHARLIE PLATOON 16] Save time from swapping out platoons by using the Bravo and Charlie Platoon 16. Want to use both a PvP platoon and a PvE platoon? A platoon with only helicopters and one with only Light Vehicles and Heavy Vehicles? Now you can!
  • [OSHKA EQUIPMENT] Take a last stand to victory by equipping one of two new pieces of Oshka Equipment: the Armored Aquila Compartment or Armored Corvus Compartment, which upon destruction, drops an Aquila or Corvus, respectively.

*We do everything we can to maintain a high quality experience. Despite our best efforts, due to unforeseen circumstances, we may need to shift release dates to meet these goals.


  • [AMBUSH] Earn Equipment Tech in the new Ambush event mode by taking out waves of enemies that approach on all sides. Ambush will be scheduled three times a day for an hour each and is tentatively planned to begin after the 5.9.1 Data Deployment.


  • The following changes will be applied after the 5.9.1 Data Deployment.
    • All prize stores with the Odachi & Ares will have consolidated Critical Component stacks, resulting in the same amount of total components available, but requiring fewer claims to redeem them all.
    • The Odachi & Ares now included in Hijack & Smash & Grab.
    • Oshka added to Grim Winter & Feast.
    • Oshka added to CC12 World Map PvP Crates
    • Slight increase to Daily Raid equipment tech.


All Content Changes will be available through the 5.9.1 Data Deployment as described above.

  • KA-50 Black Shark
      • Can now shoot while moving.
      • S10 Rockets can now be equipped in slot 5.
      • Slot 2 9M114 Storm Missiles (MK3): added Damage vs Heavy Vehicles stat. Provides +25% at level 10.
      • Slot 4 8mm Composite Panel (MK3): Added Ballistic Resistance stat. Provides +20,000 at level 10.
  • Super Hind
      • Range increased from 270 to 300.
  • Slot 3 Vet Gunship Pilots (MK3): Added Damage vs Platforms stat. Provides +50% at level 10.
  • Super Hind & T129 ATAK
  • Slot 4 10mm Composite Panel (MK3): Added Ballistic Resistance stat. Provides +30,000 at level 10.


  • Fixed an issue where a paused subscription that is canceled will not allow for purchasing the subscription again.



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