Jun.30.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


  • NEW UNIT: Those at level 80 or above may claim the Odachi, the base obliterator of the Heavy Vehicle season. Check out the Recon Report HERE.
  • MAP IMPROVEMENTS: As of April, maps are labeled by Tiers, matching the suggested Unit Tier to use on that map to give a better indication of map difficulty. Updated seasonal map available for those level 80+ with the upgraded Odachi. Map Tier details HERE.


 Alliance Objectives have been switched to Mk1 equipment to resources.

    • Rank 1-10: 
      • 150,000,000 Secure Thorium 
      • 100,000,000 Metal
    • Rank 11-25: 
      • 75,000,000 Secure Thorium
      • 100,000,000 Metal
    • Rank 26-50: 
      • 50,000,000 Secure Thorium
      • 50,000,000 Metal
    • Rank 51-100: 
      • 35,000,000 Secure Thorium
      • 50,000,000 Metal
    • Rank 101-200: 
      • 20,000,000 Secure Thorium
      • 20,000,000 Metal


  • Earn up to three resource packs for everyone in your alliance by reaching each Alliance Objective threshold below. 
  • This means that if 30 members complete the objective, everyone in the Alliance will receive 50M Secure Thorium, 125M Thorium, and 250M Metal.
    • For those at or above level 80, reach the objective by claiming the Odachi Blueprint in the event store. 
    • For those at or below level 79, earn 1,200,000 event points or more during the event. 
  • 20-24 Alliance Members 
      • 20,000,000 Secure Thorium
      • 50,000,000 Thorium
      • 100,000,000 Metal
  • 25-29  Alliance Members 
      • 10,000,000 Secure Thorium
      • 25,000,000 Thorium
      • 50,000,000 Metal
  • 30+  Alliance Members 
      • 20,000,000 Secure Thorium
      • 50,000,000 Thorium
      • 100,000,000 Metal

The Story Continues…

We’re mounting an expeditionary force to press deep into enemy territory. Our scientists reached a major breakthrough in their analysis of the materials recovered in the Carpathian Mountains. The compound emits a unique radiation pattern, and a similar signature was located at a dig site deep in Vajras territory. We must act quickly – crush the Vajras perimeter defenses with the new Odachi ranged mobile artillery so our offensive can begin in earnest before Zakon or L.F.J. troops surge forward. This will be a tough fight, Commander, but if we succeed, we will finally get our hands on the Crimson Crown. 


Begins Thursday, July 1st @ 9AM PDT 

Ends Monday, July 5th @ 9AM PDT

Good Luck!


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