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Jun.29.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


Check out what’s coming up in the month of JULY, including the brand new Odachi, tier 8 improvements, and more!



The Odachi’s extreme range and destructive power make it the ultimate base obliterator – full stop. Deploy the Odachi alongside other HV’s for protection then watch a deluge of Ballistic Mortar rounds shower from the skies, outranging even the most upgraded Peacemaker Turrets using its long-range artillery. 

As a base destroyer, its offensive firepower excels when taking out key base defenses such as Heavy Platforms and Defensive Waves. Take your own for a spin beginning Thursday, July 1st @ 9 AM PDT in the THREAT HORIZON feature event.


The July defensive update is planned for release during a window of Thursday, July 29th to Thursday, August 5th. This will include new levels for the Airfield, Airfield Platoon, Heavy Flak, Heavy Platform, and Heavy Vehicle FOB 12.

Airfield 13

The Airfield 13 gains a big bump to health and unlocks access to the next loitering Fixed Wing, the Titanus.

Airfield Platoon 13

Upgrade the Airfield Defensive Platoon to include the new Titanus and Ares as base defenders using 3,600 capacity. 

Heavy Vehicle FOB 12

Give your World Map PvP a boost using the power of three Sabres by unlocking the latest HV FOB upgrade.

Heavy Platform 10

Increase your Heavy Platform’s durability by upgrading to the latest level, helping ensure these stand up to enemies on the battlefield while your turrets mow them down.

Heavy Flak 7

Take out helicopters with ease using the latest level of the Heavy Flak turret, pair it with a transformer to kick it up a notch.


The Kodiak has a special place in Rogue Assault – not only can you place it in an offensive or defensive platoon, but it’s also used for FOBs and, additionally, can drop from the Oshka upon destruction. In this update, the Kodiak receives five brand new equipment levels for two pieces of equipment: the SC06 RCL Upgrade and M-OB-22 Rotary Cannon.  

For both pieces of equipment, the five new levels of equipment increase their existing Mk1-Mk3 stats. These upgrades will be available in the 5.6.1 data deployment, between Thursday, June 24th and Thursday, July 2nd.



Changes to the Mastiff, Phantom and Shrike arrived in the June update, bringing improved device performance for the Shirke and improved functionality for the Mastiff and Phantom.

Phantom: Improvements to Oil Repair Cost, Speed, and Cooldown Time. 

  • Oil Repair Cost reduced: 36,100 to 23,500 oil
  • Speed increased: 140 to 200 
  • Cooldown Time Reduced: 45 to 30 seconds

Mastiff: M136 Minigun Equipment & I87 MicroSAM Equipment stat improvements.

  • M136 Minigun: 
      • Range Increased: 420 to 500
      • Damage vs Light Vehicles stat added for Mk3: 75% @ level 10
  • I87 MicroSAM
    • Range Increased: 420 to 520
    • Damage vs Helicopters stat added for Mk3: 75% @ level 10

Shrike: The Shrike is receiving device performance improvements by reducing the amount of projectiles on the screen at once. To accomplish this, Shrikes are getting double the firepower and defense but half the amount can be used at once.


The game team is hard at work on fun and exciting features for all to enjoy, from new types of events to a new type of rollout for the Light Vehicle season. While these are still in development, get a sneak peek below!


Bounty Events are a brand new type of short-session events where significant resource harvest buffs for in-base resource production buildings can be earned by collecting tokens that drop from successful World Map PvP, Quickmatch PvP, and Stronghold/Outpost attacks. 

Unlike most current events which can run anywhere from one day to four days, this event is currently planned to run multiple times a day for a short time each time. Regardless of one’s timezone, this format gives everyone an opportunity to gain resources and progress without relying on sales or weekend events. We’re excited for Bounty Events and we hope you will be too! Stay tuned for its official release date.


July marks the end of the Heavy Vehicle season, but before the Light Vehicle season begins in September, the successor to the AC-19 Ares arrives. Using 8 equipment options and extremely high health, the Titanus withstands base defender attacks while raining destruction from the skies, giving time to deploy ground troops or a Fixed Wing strike while dealing a significant amount of damage over the course of battle. 

Similar to the Ares, the Titanus also uses a dual-firing mode depending on if you tap a target or tap and hold: launch a widespread attack against multiple targets by tapping and holding, or simply tap a building for a focus-fire assault to take out a primary threat. 

The Titanus arrives in August through the monthly feature event, ushering in a new era of Fixed Wing supremacy.


September’s Light Vehicle season expands on equipment loadout customization in never-seen-before ways, having all three Light Vehicles in the season sharing ALL their equipment. The equipment released throughout the season is designed to provide more varied options of customization, but will not be more or less powerful than equipment released earlier in the season, ensuring any equipment earned will remain a valid option throughout the season. 

With three units and the potential for more shared equipment pieces than ever seen before, look forward to creating the ultimate Light Vehicle. 


Many technical improvements have been made in recent months, underscored by the intention of constantly improving gameplay experience for all. This approach from the ground up ranges from how the game is downloaded all the way to individual unit tweaks.

The result of this can be seen before even starting to play – our content delivery system was reworked to utilize caching and Content Delivery Network to reduce the upfront download size of WC:RA by over 50%. This allows anyone joining to dive into the action immediately after joining; while playing, content is downloaded and cached so they can be used instantly later.

To maintain a balanced level of device performance and graphics quality, a re-tiering of device graphics quality was performed. Frames Per Second (FPS) is a measure of device performance, where the more FPS a device sees, the smoother graphical animation will be. In this re-tiering, the objective was to ensure all devices received a certain amount of FPS. For example, if a certain device was deemed to have insufficient hardware for high graphics quality, where the game appeared choppy, the graphics quality would be lowered.

One method we’ve used recently to battle lag during high server load periods such as when a feature event starts or when a defense update drops is to increase the amount of servers running at once before they’re needed, which has significantly reduced the number of issues reported at the time.

Our development team has been careful when designing units, as units themselves may require more or less processing power: the Shrike was historically a resource-heavy unit due to the sheer amount of projectiles on the screen at once. Adjustments were made to halve the amount of Shrikes that can be used at once but double the defenses and firepower, resulting in better performance for no cost. Moving forwards, units and projectiles from both primary and secondary weapons are under review with a finer lens to ensure each unit created performs nominally. 

From the beginning tutorial all the way to the endgame, Rogue Assault is constantly improving. Look forward to future updates! 

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