Gallant Fury Briefing

Jun.03.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


  • NEW UNIT: Those at level 80 may claim the Cleaver AAP, the second unit of the Heavy Vehicle season perfect for taking out aerial threats in addition to using a powerful Countermeasure (CM) suite more powerful than you’d find on any other heavy vehicle in the game. Check out the Recon Report HERE.
  • LEADERBOARD OBJECTIVES. Score in the top 200 personal leaderboards to earn secured thorium, then join your alliance to earn the slot 3 Katar II SAM equipment when 20 or more members reach the alliance objective:
    • Level 80 or above: claim the Cleaver-AAP Blueprint.
    • Level 79 or below: earn 1,200,000 event points.
  • MAP IMPROVEMENTS: As of April, maps are labeled by Tiers, matching the suggested Unit Tier to use on that map to give a better indication of map difficulty. Updated seasonal map available for those level 80+ with the upgraded Cleaver. Map Tier details HERE.

The Story Continues…

Our forces have retaken all forward perimeter stations and driven back the enemy. Fortified with ranks of DLP-Sabres, the defensive perimeter is safe from a ground assault, but our scouts report Zakon troops have begun to mass heavily armored UH-66 Hels and Raider attack helicopters along our Eastern borders. Unless we act quickly, our fortifications will soon be overrun and the enemy will race towards our vulnerable central labs. You must weather the coming storm and clear the skies of enemy threats with the help of the newly complete Cleaver AAP.

Begins Thursday, June 3rd @ 9AM PDT 

Ends Monday, June 7th @ 9AM PDT

Good Luck!


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