Cleaver AAP Designer Diary

Jun.02.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


The Cleaver AAP arrives soon, get the inside scoop from the Firebird below!

Fresh from the Firebird #11

Hello Commanders, 

We all strive to do better and learn new skills. Even if you’re a master in one area, it’s rewarding to try your hand at something new and slowly see yourself improve over time and practice. It’s with that sense of self-improvement that the new AA Heavy Vehicle was designed – what if we taught a dedicated anti-aircraft a new trick – close countermeasure support for an offensive platoon and base defenses.    

The Cleaver AAP

With an angular silhouette and side turret mounted twin autocannons, the new enemy to anything airborne takes visual inspiration from South Korea’s new Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun system on the K808 Chassis. With a killer set of AA primary and secondary weapons, the Cleaver AAP can rip apart airfield defenders and heli FOBs, but it’s also equipped with a suite of powerful countermeasures to shield allied heavy vehicles from incoming Peacemaker and Salvo fire. Just be sure to pair it with the DLP-Sabre for anti-unit firepower and the Hammerhead to take out pesky turrets – the Cleaver can’t damage anything on the ground. As I mentioned in my last post, the Cleaver is part of a greater whole – meant to be part of a larger heavy vehicle platoon throughout this season. 

Defensively, the Cleaver’s guns can help bolster your defense against the Ares’ heavy armor and its countermeasures can help reduce the impact of Wyvern strikes. With a deployment time lower than the Elite Artemis and more than double its DPS output and health, the Cleaver will become a mainstay of your defensive force.    

The future

Heavy Vehicle season will continue with a new long range option – stay tuned for more details!

The Cleaver AAP arrives in the June feature event, GALLANT FURY, on Thursday, June 3rd @ 9am pdt. Until then, good luck crushing your enemies on the battlefield.


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