Deployment Cost Reduction for FOB 11 and 12

Apr.15.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


Deployment costs for the FOB 11 and 12 will be reduced by 50% indefinitely, beginning at 2pm pdt.

FOB 11:

Metal: 10,113,975 -> 5,056,988
Thorium: 4,959,975 -> 2,329,988

FOB 12:

Metal: 10,619,673 -> 4,892,973
Thorium: 5,309,837 -> 2,446,487

These changes were made by listening to the community and evaluating world map battle data to reduce the negative impact of recent FOB stripping trends and to encourage even more world map battles for our active veteran players. We hear you. Thank you for your collective feedback in helping us maintain healthy competition between skilled veteran players as we grow towards our future. See you on the battlefield, Commanders!


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