Apr.07.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


  • NEW UNIT: Those at level 80 may claim the Ridgeback and the Kuvavs, the latest units in Infantry tech. Check out the Ridgeback Recon Report HERE and Kuvavs Recon Report HERE.
  • LEADERBOARD OBJECTIVES. Score in the top 200 personal leaderboards to earn secured thorium, then join your alliance to earn the Scorpion Demolition Charges Secondary equipment when 20 or more members reach the alliance objective:
    • Level 80 or above: claim the Ridgeback or the Kuvavs Blueprint.
      • Claim either blueprint to contribute towards the alliance objective. Claiming both will not be counted as an extra contribution towards the objective. 
    • Level 79 or below: earn 1,200,000 event points.
  • UPDATED CHALLENGE MAP: The challenge map has been updated in consideration of the most recently released units.
  • CLIMB TO CARPATHIAN. Thanks to your quick work, the materials cache reached our labs safely, and early test results appear promising. The material’s radiation signature matches that of soil samples from the destroyed L.F.J. research facility in the Caspian Sea, meaning this may be a piece of the legendary Crimson Crown! Our head of research is wary to proceed without further details – as she fears her lab will befall the same fate as the doomed L.F.J. facility. We need to return to their fortress high in the Carpathian Mountains, apprehend key L.F.J. scientists and offer them a chance at redemption; to join us and uncover the secrets of the Crimson Crown. 

Begins Thursday, April 8th @ 9AM PDT 

Ends Monday, April 12th @ 9AM PDT

Good Luck!


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