Mar.30.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER

Fresh from the Firebird


Hello Commanders, 

The release of Heli FOB 12 welcomes a new approach to FOBs in Tier 10 World Map play. While FOBs will continue to offer boosts to both defenders and attackers in PvP, we want to deemphasize their overall role in a battle. The intention of FOBS is to add a small boost to your main forces and leave the bulk of the battle dependent on skilled player action.  Our intention is to reward skilled players who use micro to outsmart their foes, rather than those who desire to hide behind boosted reinforcements. 

Additionally, we recognize player frustration from recent FOB stripping behaviour and have boosted the defense of Heli FOB 12 in an effort to balance the costs between defender and attacker. Expect defeating the Heli FOB 12 base to be more punitive than before.

So what changes are we making to Heli FOB 12? First of all, we’re making it much harder to kill, with boosted defenses and the latest turrets and platforms. We are also increasing Heli FOB 12 from 3 Raiders to 4, each with a 400% health boost in the FOB defender base. 

Heli FOB 11 acted as a bullet sponge, with boosted Osirises able to absorb a large amount of punishment while slowly returning fire. Heli FOB 12 is focused on damage output. Four level 10 Raiders with all their secondary weapons deal 200% the DPS of 3 maxed Osirises. This will provide a significant increase to your headquarter’s base defense damage output, provide a valuable assist on offense, and leave room for skilled players to take on these glass cannons when trying to defeat opponent headquarters. 

The future

You can expect to see the same design decisions reflected in the upcoming Heavy Vehicle and Infantry fobs when they are released later this year.


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