5.2 Release Notes

Feb.25.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER

The 5.2 release has started rolling out to Android users and will be available to everyone on Wednesday, February 24th. In this release, get ready for the Oshka, Hammerhead Phase 3, and a defensive update!


  • [UNIT] The OSHKA is three units in one: a Kodiak is deployed upon destruction, which then spawns two Spartans should the Kodiak be destroyed. The Oshka is perfect for defending more fragile units by using its high health and strong countermeasures suite. Available in the Devil’s Catch feature event, Thursday, March 11th.
  • [UNIT] Phase 3 of the Hammerhead arrives in the 5.2 Release, bringing five new unit levels, three new pieces of equipment, and upgrades to 2 current pieces of equipment.
  • [DEFENSES] Get prepared for the Heavy Cannon 7, Minefield 10, and Anti-vehicle Mines 11.


  • Spec Ops / Monthly Feature Event: Hammerhead Strike & Oshka Strike added (available after March’s feature event)
  • Smash & Grab / Hijack: Raider and Elite Artemis content added (available after March’s feature event)


  • Fixed an issue where a code 19 error may appear after re-opening WC:RA when the device is asleep.


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