FEATURE EVENT: Towering Menace

Feb.10.2021 BY KIX_CALIBER


  • In addition to the normal rules for the Alliance Leaderboard, we’re opening a way for players at level 65-79 to qualify. Requirements:
    • Player’s level must be between 65 and 79
    • Get more than >1.2 M points during the Event.


  • NEW UNIT: Check out the UH-66 Hel Recon Report HERE


  • ALLIANCE OBJECTIVE. Earn the Battle Utility Mastery systems equipment if your alliance unlocks 20 or more UH-66 Hel Blueprints!

  • UPDATED CHALLENGE MAP: The challenge map has been updated in consideration of the most recently released units.

  • THE FROZEN FORTRESS. The captured L.F.J. scientists gave us the location of a remote airfield high in the Carpathian Mountains, from which they claim to have received the materials used in their experiments. Many factions hold frontier outposts on these peaks, but none are anywhere near as heavily guarded as this one. The L.F.J. must be holding something important in this frozen fortress. Send in a party of Raiders to capture the goods, protected by the newly completed UH-66 Hels helicopters.  



Begins Thursday, February 11th @ 9AM PST 

Ends Monday, February 15th @ 9AM PST

Good Luck!


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