October Design Diary: Prowler IFV

Oct.12.2020 BY KIX_CALIBER

Fresh from the Firebird #5

Prowler IFV

Hello Commanders, 

Since its introduction, the Osiris has taken a tight grip and wide hold of the battlefield, reigning as the undisputed king of combat. This comes as no surprise considering it’s a beast of a helicopter with a great variety of loadouts, but all rulers come to an end. 

To waver the Osiris’ grasp, we’re proud to introduce the Prowler IFV!

The Prowler IFV

Inspired by a variety of prototype Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (Valanx being my favourite), the Prowler IFV is much more than a troop transport. Similar to the M-ATV Adder, it also benefits from superior maneuverability and anti-mine capabilities, but only the Prowler has the ability to deploy a Spartan. 

Most importantly, its ferocious Anti-Air weapon suite will make Osiris turn tail, letting you live to tell the tale… depending how you use them! By allowing five per squad along with giving it low capacity and low repair costs, Helicopters or Fixed-Wing Aircraft can be swarmed and blasted out of the sky. Then see your Spartan sweep the rest of the battlefield up.

While the Prowler IFV is designed for taking out Helicopters and Drones, it’s not a swiss army knife of battle – platoon composition will always be crucial for victory. Carefully consider between Anti-Helicopter and Anti-Fixed-Wing specializations to determine which units to bring along into battle. It won’t be great at taking out structures and an entire platoon would be blown apart while going up against a single Mastodon, but by using low capacity, they provide flexibility for you to try out different platoon compositions with ease. Find the perfect balance by trying it out with other units such as the M-ATV Adder, Hurricane, and/or Mastodon!

The Future

Look out for a surprising mechanic in the next release which offers a completely new path for you to take in the road to battle supremacy.

That wraps up the October edition of the Design Diary series. Join the conversation on our official Discord server and let us know what you think!


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