Compensation: August Defense Update Delay

Aug.06.2020 BY KIX_CALIBER


Due to unforseen circumstances, the release date for the August Defense Update was moved multiple times to resolve issues in the 4.12 and 4.12.1 update. While we’re taking steps internally to better ensure this is prevented in the future, compensation has started rolling out for those with Command Center 12 (as of August 6th):

THORIUM: 163,745,545 Secured Thorium will be granted upon login over over the next 6 days (27,290,924 each day), until Wednesday, August 12th. Please be aware you MUST log in to receive it. There’s also a 24-hour cooldown from the point the crate is granted.

METAL: 352,942,812 Metal will be granted on Wednesday, August 12th as a bulk grant.

Thank you again for your patience and for your understanding in this matter.


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