Fresh from the Firebird

Jun.22.2020 BY KIX_CALIBER

Hello Commanders, 

Let’s talk tanks. The Mastiff is the latest main battle tank, released over 9 months ago. A lot has happened since then and we wanted something that could stand up to other new powerful units. Let me introduce you to a new key base defender, the Tier 9 Mastodon tank. 

The Mastodon

This twin barreled menace has all the hallmarks of a main battle tank: it dishes out punishment from powerful cannons and has high health in order to stand up to any threat. To tailor the Mastodon to your unique battlefield needs, a unique new variant equipment set will be introduced.

Variant equipment allows you to customize a unit for specific situations, all with a single piece of equipment. There are three variants of the Mastodon:

Zero Hour Configuration
Offers ballistic armor, extra speed, and a damage boost against light vehicles.

Trophy Hunter
Offers explosive armor. increased range, and a damage boost against heavy vehicles.

Offers armor-piercing armor (oximoron?), increased fire rate, and a damage boost against platforms. For all three variants, we’re talking serious armor, almost as much as the Mastodon’s health. 

Visually, the Mastodon stands apart on the battlefield with its imposing twin barreled turret and massive, desert-warfare camo body and rattling chains. As a defender, this new Tier 9 tank can hold back nearly any ground force. On the offensive, it can draw fire away from more vulnerable units and survive to tell the tale. 

The Future

Variant options will be available on future units, allowing you to craft the perfect tool for your needs. Also expect more customizable ground units, dishing out a variety of havoc, and then listen for the constant whirl of the Ares’ four engines, as it continues to gain strength over the battlefield.


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