4.9 Release Notes

Jun.22.2020 BY KIX_CALIBER

The 4.9 Update has started its rollout and will become available in the App Store/Google Play Store over the next week.This update introduces the first 5 levels of the AC-19 Ares, its associated equipment, and new performance optimizations.


  • [NEW EVENT] The AC-19 Ares will be available beginning Thursday, July 2nd in a new World Map event. Attack Strongholds and PvP targets in the War Zone to earn event currency, then use event currency to purchase the first 5 levels of the AC-19 Ares, then its equipment.


  • [Weekly Events] The rotating June events have been scheduled following the feature event, ATLAS RISING.
    Mondays: Smash & Grab; Daily Raid
    Tuesdays: Hijack; Boss Battle; Daily Raid
    Wednesdays: Smash & Grab; Boss Battle continues; Daily Raid
    Thursdays: Spec Ops; Daily Raid
    Friday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid
    Saturday/Sunday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid


  • Performance optimizations.
  • Add units to PvP Crates: Osiris, Scarab, Juggernaut, Artemis, Wolverine, Shirke, Super Hornet, AC-19 Ares.
  • Light Vehicles added to Elite Tier in Stockpile event.


  • [BUG] Fixed various issues in tutorial
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue where “Code 19” error may appear when a helicopter is between a stealth unit and a stealth breaker turret.
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue where unit cards could be erroneously swapped while managing platoon.
  • [BUG] Fixed an issue where the in-game Announcements channel may not be fullscreen on iOS devices.


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