Event Update

Apr.01.2020 BY KIX_CALIBER


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the March event has been indefinitely postponed. In its place, three different events will be run at the same time! SpecOps, HIJACK, and a Plutonium Alliance War will run in its place.  

SpecOps will run normally as one would expect. HIJACK will be modified, including Strikes and Unit Blueprints at a 40% discount available as rewards. Endgame players are encouraged to battle in the new Plutonium Alliance War, where earning Plutonium Cores will score you a leaderboard rank – the top alliances will earn rewards based on rank. Strongholds and World Map PvP attack will reward Plutonium Cores.

As many have asked, the OSIRIS will still be released, however this will be wrapped into the April event as the March event has been cancelled.


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