3/19 Resolved Outages & Compensation

Mar.19.2020 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Early on March 19th, the team became aware of recurring outages in Rogue Assault. Our engineers have since rolled out multiple mitigation fixes, which have made the game stable once again.

We understand that this type of interruption to gameplay is frustrating and we apologize for the impact. Additional rewards are being added to the “HELPING YOU PLAY MORE” free gifts that are already going out as part of our COVID-19 accessibility action. On March 20th only, claim your supply drop and receive:

  • Standard Oil gift
  • Additional free Gold – the amount of which varies by Command Center level
  • While we aren’t able to extend the current Grim Winter event – a bonus 48 hour Grim Winter will go live sometime in the next two weeks – to help offset this lost day of progress.
  • Tomorrow afternoon, we are implementing a hotfix to allow the “HELPING YOU PLAY MORE” gifts to overflow your maximum storage capacity. Originally this functionality was not possible, but our engineering team has rallied and found a way to add it in quickly. Once this hotfix is live, Oil should overflow in your storage if received from a gift.


If you are in need of compensation for the outages on March 19th, make sure to claim your “HELPING YOU PLAY MORE” free gift on March 20th.




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