4.1 Patch Notes

Jan.28.2020 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The 4.1 Update has started its rollout and will become available in the App Store/Google Play Store over the next week. This update introduces new elite levels to the Reaver, an increase to Attack Platoon Air Capacity. Read the full details below!


  • [UNIT] The 4.1 update introduces Elite Levels to the Reaver. These levels increase their overall health and DPS. The elite levels will be available Monday, February 3rd.
  • [BASE] On Monday the 27th, Attack Platoon 15 Air’s capacity is being increased from 1750 to 1800.


  • [Weekly Events] The rotating January events have been scheduled following the feature event, Sinister Strike.
    Mondays: Smash & Grab; Daily Raid
    Tuesdays: Hijack; Boss Battle; Daily Raid
    Wednesdays: Smash & Grab; Boss Battle continues; Daily Raid
    Thursdays: Spec Ops; Daily Raid
    Friday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid
    Saturday/Sunday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid


  • [UI] Resource UI failing to show capacities when clicked has been fixed.
  • [UI] “Defeat” Screen was displaying “xxxxx” instead of lost infamy has been fixed.
  • [Other] General performance fixes and minor visual improvements. 


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