Design Diary: Rogue Assault 2020

Dec.31.2019 BY KIX_Lyle

In this dev diary installment, senior designer Dogman returns to provide a quick look at the team’s plans for Rogue Assault in 2020. Enjoy!


Greetings Commanders! The end of the year is upon us and this year has had a great deal of change in Rogue Assault. We’ve come through some very interesting times, and expanded the meta considerably, but we’re nowhere close to being done.

Here are a few things we’re looking to deliver in 2020…


Dominion Gameplay

We’ve been working really hard on getting the first steps together for Dominion. While we don’t have news to offer on that end, I do want to reiterate that we have not forgotten about this feature. A better world map loop, that includes cleaner rules for contesting territory, protecting territory, and seeking out better buffs is part of the goal.

We’re still going ahead with the 4 phase dominion rules, where they move from Open State to Contested, to Securing, and then Protected. We’re also still planning on improving the buffs you get while engaging in the Zone Area Control. All of these things are still in the pipeline and a major focus for 2020.


New Combat Mechanics

The power creep has been obvious for a while. We are trying to control the massive division in power right now. As we get into CC13 this year we don’t want the power to grow at the same rate it did with CC12. So this year we want to expand the playspace. Give you more options for combat, and make it less about tracking numbers.

I understand that it might feel a little strange to consider that adding more things to combat will simplify it. But that tactic has proven effective in the past and it’s something we think we can do here. We’re looking to add functions like Temporary Healing, and Anti-Stealth to give simpler solutions to some problems. Look for cool new units this year.


The Story


Who cares about the story? Well, I do. It’s been taking a back seat for a while and we’re really hoping to introduce some fun characters this year for commanders to interact with and fight against.

The Four Horsemen have been brought into the game space, out of the campaigns and we have some very interesting story arcs planned for them. If you don’t care about the story, well maybe there will be some fun interesting stuff coming up for you to bring you back in. If you do care about the story, then some of these events will be for you!


All told we want to go into 2020 with our attention firmly on introducing new paradigms for our players to experience. Combat tactics that we should have had already, and units that for some reason haven’t been added yet. We want to put more into this game, improve not just the end-game experience, but make sure that we have quality of life improvements across the entire game. Happy New Year!



Stay tuned to the newsfeed for the next update on the project. Good luck out there!


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