3.22 Patch Notes

Dec.30.2019 BY KIX_Lyle

The 3.22 Update has started its rollout and will become available in the App Store/Google Play Store over the next week. This update introduces a new cost associated with Commander name changes, and an early view of the World Map for new players. Read the full details below!


  • [UX] The 3.22 update on December 30th adds a cooldown timer to Commander Name Changes and a Quick Change associated cost. Changing Commander names will be free for the first time after the 3.22 update. After any future name changes their will be an automatic 5 day (7200 Minutes) cooldown timer. This timer can be broken by paying gold to change your name immediately. The price of breaking the cooldown is calculated by CC level and the remaining time left on the cooldown timer.
  • [BUG] The “Ignore Range” bug has been fixed and is rolling out with the release of 3.22. This bug was long-standing and caused numerous units secondary guns to ignore their respective range capacities and to fire upon the most pressing targets. Some units will appear to be weaker or less effective due to the removal of this but no actual nerfs or reductions have been applied to units in the 3.22 update.


  • [Weekly Events] The rotating December events have been scheduled following the feature event, Red Snow.
    • Mondays: Smash & Grab; Daily Raid
    • Tuesdays: Hijack; Boss Battle; Daily Raid
    • Wednesdays: Smash & Grab; Boss Battle continues; Daily Raid
    • Thursdays: Spec Ops; Daily Raid
    • Friday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid
    • Saturday/Sunday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid


  • [Other] General performance fixes and minor visual improvements.


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