Defensive Platoons Balancing

Nov.25.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Commanders, in an effort to reevaluate and balance base defense, Defensive Platoons have received increases to their platoon cap. These changes also bring an additional level to the Helipad Defenders. This balancing allows Commanders to be more versatile with their chosen defenders or in some cases space to add additional units. Check out the full list and details below!



 Old Capacity 

 New Capacity

 Suggested Additional Units

Helipad Defender 8 *NEW* 1400 N/A
Barracks Defender 10 1000 1200 Spartan
War Factory Defender 10 1200 1500 Centurion / Multiple Paladins
Garage Defender 5 1750 2000 Scimitar / Kodiak
Airfield Defender 10 1200 1400 Shrike / Nemesis


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