3.17 Update Notes

Oct.07.2019 BY KIX_Lyle

The 3.17 Update has started its rollout and will become available in the App Store/Google Play Store over the next week. This update includes support for Secured Thorium as well as the release of October’s CC12 Base Update. Read the full details below!


  • [Base] The October base update has arrived! This update includes Heavy Cannon 5; Transformer 8 & 9; Power Plant 10; Minefield 8; and Anti Infantry Mines 10. A separate recon report for these upgrades is going live alongside these release notes.
  • [Resources] Support for Secured Thorium is implemented, but it will not yet be available in event stores or LTOs. We will announce when Secured Thorium is fully released to the game and is available to obtain. 
    • What’s Secured Thorium? It’s a resource used just like regular thorium, but is ineligible to be stolen from successful base attacks. Commanders can eventually find Secured Thorium in event stores and popup offers, it will not be available anywhere else initially.


  • [Monthly Feature Event] The October Feature Event, Dogs of War, is live on October 17th and marks the beginning of the Heavy Vehicle Season. Commanders joining in on the action will notice changes to the level 80 & 90 maps. These maps not only change up the scenery but feature heavy vehicles as their primary targets.
  • [Event Unit] The Mastiff is a heavily armored main battle tank is perfect for drawing aggro and protecting the Mastiff’s squadmates. Additionally, its destructive long cannon and protective armor make it perfect for destroying Light Vehicles and holding its own against rival tanks. Whether it has strict orders or is allowed to free roam, the Mastiff is great choice for commanders who want a main battle tank in their platoon.
  • [Weekly Events] The rotating October events have been scheduled following the feature event, Dogs of War. 
    • Mondays: Smash & Grab; Daily Raid
    • Tuesdays: Hijack; Boss Battle; Daily Raid
    • Wednesdays: Smash & Grab; Boss Battle continues; Daily Raid
    • Thursdays: Spec Ops; Daily Raid
    • Friday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid
    • Saturday/Sunday: Spec Ops continues; Daily Raid


  • [Black Market] As of October 15th, Commanders will find Purchasable Item Bundles under a new section in the Black Market. The items will rotate but will regularly feature various upgrade currencies for purchase. Unlike other items in the shop, these items are purchasable with real dollars instead of gold.
  • [Black Market] Basic Gold Packs are getting a refresh in the Shop. As of the 3.17 release, gold packs in the shop are tailored to specific player level bands, increasing in value as you progress through the game. The Gold Packs vary in price and quantity but match the needs of commanders at their specific game level. 
    • Note that gold packs don’t increase at every level, but the higher level you get the more you’ll eventually notice better offer popups and better gold packs.


  • [UI] Fixed an issue where the Loot Crate Background shows lines on the background tiling.
  • [Performance] Followup fix for disabling loading spinner in battle
  • [Spec Ops] Fixed an issue where the Spec Ops Lvl 65 map was using a previous season.
  • [Combat] If you still have FOB units or Strike cards available in combat, combat will no longer end early.
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue where the Raven would dive bomb below ground.
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue where Air Strikes would not deploy
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue where the Helicopter in Boss Battle was able to target the Raven before the Raven uncloaked.
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue where the Raven was unable to target SAM Turrets and Heavy Turrets in Boss Battle Maps. 
  • [Other] General performance fixes and minor visual improvements


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