September Atomic Holidays (level 25+)

Sep.19.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The special event series for the summer is Atomic Holidays! Battle against Pacific Island targets, in which you can only bring Helicopters and Fixed Wing to combat.

Earn points for tons of discounted prizes – as well as the opportunity to claim Plutonium Cores. Own enough Plutonium Cores by the end of the final event in the series and your entire alliance will earn a grand prize!

Atomic Holidays – Helicopter/Air/Infantry Store

Begins: September 20th @ 10:00AM PDT
Ends: September 23rd @ 10:00AM PDT

Atomic Holidays II – Heavy Vehicle/Light Vehicle Store

Begins: September 27th @ 10:00AM PDT
Ends: September 30th @ 10:00AM PDT

Atomic Holidays III – Combo Store

Begins: October 4th @ 10:00AM PDT
Ends: October 7th @ 10:00AM PDT


Winners posted: October 8th

Grand Prize rewarded: October 9th

1,050 Plutonium Cores 30,000 of Each Equipment Tech*
15,000 of Each Unit Commons
375,000,000 Metal
250,000,000 Thorium
900 Plutonium Cores 17,000 of Each Equipment Tech*
8,500 of Each Unit Commons
225,000,000 Metal
150,000,000 Thorium
750 Plutonium Cores 10,000 of Each Equipment Tech*
5,000 of Each Unit Commons
150,000,000 Metal
100,000,000 Thorium
600 Plutonium Cores 5,000 of Each Equipment Tech*
2,500 of Each Unit Commons
75,000,000 Metal
50,000,000 Thorium
450 Plutonium Cores 3,000 of Each Equipment Tech*
1,500 of Each Unit Commons
22,500,000 Metal
15,000,000 Thorium
340 Plutonium Cores 1,500 of Each Equipment Tech*
750 of Each Unit Commons
7,500,000 Metal
5,000,000 Thorium
240 Plutonium Cores 1,000 of Each Equipment Tech*
500 of Each Unit Commons
3,750,000 Metal
2,500,000 Thorium
180 Plutonium Cores 750 of Each Equipment Tech*
375 of Each Unit Commons
3,000,000 Metal
2,000,000 Thorium
120 Plutonium Cores 500 of Each Equipment Tech*
250 of Each Unit Commons
2,250,000 Metal
1,500,000 Thorium


*NOTE: Weapons Tech payouts are x2 for all the above tables, so if your Alliance reaches the top tier each player will get 60,000 Weapons tech along with 30,000 of each other type.

REMINDER: All that matters is the number of Plutonium Cores your alliance has at 10:00AM PDT on Monday, October 7th. After that you are free to leave your alliance, and you can switch alliances as much as you’d like up to that point. Good luck!


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