3.15 Update Notes

Sep.03.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

The 3.15 Update has started its rollout and will become available in the App Store/Google Play Store over the next week. This update includes support for the September feature event, the official release of the Phantom, and several quality of life improvements.


  • [Mega Unit] The Phantom officially becomes available on September 9th. Claim enough blueprint fragments to unlock this titan of the skies, then utilize its bombing run ability to leave nothing but scorched earth in your wake.
  • [Units] Elite levels for the Centurion and Paladin are being enabled on September 9th. Level up these units to 15 in preparation for the next Heavy Vehicle season – making your next month significantly less challenging.
  • [QOL] Have you ever finished an event with leftover points, but not enough to unlock one last prize? As of September 9th, you’ll be able to make up the difference in your current points and the cost to unlock a prize of your choosing by using gold. Once a final prize has been claimed, the event store will disappear as normal.
  • [QOL] Want to follow us on social media or join the discussion with the devs in Discord? Under the Settings menu you can now find our links to social media, and clicking these buttons will direct you to our pages in your mobile browser. 


  • [Feature] ECLIPSE is September’s feature event and begins on the 12th at 9:00AM PDT. This is the final event before the beginning of the Heavy Vehicle season in October. Pick up all the existing units you need to prepare! There is no new standard unit as part of this event.
  • [New Event] Boss Battles has arrived in Rogue Assault – its first run is Tuesday, September 10th. Battle against event missions, some of which feature brutally powerful BOSS UNITS. Use your points to unlock Mega Unit Blueprint Fragments. Introductory briefing goes live on Monday, September 9th.


  • [Platoons] A platoon can now only hold two Mega Units at the same time. Any platoons that currently have three Mega Units will be automatically returned to your storage. This change goes into effect on September 9th.
    • Current Mega Units: Overlord, Valkyrie, & Trident



  • [Performance] Game sometimes crashes when entering, or purchasing a buff from, the Alliance Store
  • [Performance] Checking the leaderboard following a victory would occasionally result in a crash
  • [Events] Store should no longer close early if you still have ‘nested’ prizes to claim
  • [Other] General performance and minor visual improvements


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