3.13 Update Notes

Aug.05.2019 BY KIXEYE_Chris

Rogue Assault’s 3.13 update begins its rollout on August 6th PDT. It will become available in app stores throughout the week and contains support for several awesome new pieces of content and features. 

Additionally – thank you for providing community feedback on various features and events you’d like to see – some of those suggestions you’ll see in this release. Read the full details below.


  • [New Unit] The KODIAK is coming to Rogue Assault in August’s feature event. This IFV unit is tier above the Grizzly and deploys powerful Spartan infantry units into battle upon the vehicle’s death. Pair the Kodiak with the Scimitar to unleash a devastating Light Vehicle onslaught.
  • [Base] The Heavy SAM Turret is coming to a base near you on August 12th! This turret is devastating to air assaults and will protect you from all but the most powerful direct attacks.
  • [Tech Tree] As of August 12th, Generals and Major Generals will be able to select a single tech tree node that they RECOMMEND all alliance members donate into. The tech tree will auto-scroll to this node when opened and a ‘recommended’ flag will be visible to all alliance members. No more will language barriers or off-hours communication impact your alliance’s tech tree progress.


  • [Feature] Rogue Assault’s next feature event is HOURGLASS, and it begins at 9:00AM PDT on August 15th. The clock is ticking on General Vudan putting the final touches on powerful new explosive tech. Can you stop him?
  • [Special] A special activity is running the week before the Hourglass – a collector’s event called STOCKPILE. This event is geared at providing high level users easy access to tech for older units they may have wanted to finish fully upgrading.


  • [Events] Upcoming Events in the Portal can now be previewed, so you can see what prizes are coming up in future stores.


  • [Strikes] Equipped Strike displays as a black box
  • [War Zones] Fast-scrolling on the War Zones interferes too much with the Event Portal
  • [Other] General performance fixes and minor visual improvements

As always, thank for you playing War Commander: Rogue Assault!


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